Frequently asked questions about PPF and Dinoc


Will Scotchgard Paint Protection Film and Dinoc harm the painted surface if the film is removed?
– If the film is properly applied to a fully cured painted vehicle, it can be removed, usually in one piece, without damaging paint surfaces beneath the film.
Can Scotchgard Paint Protection Film and Dinoc be applied over a vehicle that has had the paint touched up?
– 3m recommends that any repainted surfaces on your vehicle be professionally painted and fully cured before applying paint protection film. 

Will the paint smear if Scotchgard Paint Protection Film or Dinoc is applied over an newly painted vehicle?
– The paint on a newly painted vehicle must be cured according to manufacturer’s recommendations.  Your body shop should be able to provide you with this information.

Can I cover the whole vehicle with Scotchgard Paint Protection Film?
– Yes our installer can cover your entire vehicle, however PPF is usually intended for the most vulnerable areas of the vehicle.

Does Scotchgard Paint Protection Film stick to bumpers and plastic?
– Yes it sticks to bumpers as long as the bumpers are painted and Yes it sticks to all plastics.

Can Scotchgard Paint Protection Film be used on boats or other watercrafts?
– Yes.  Marine requirements are different than automotive, so it is important to contact your installer for information and to answer any questions you may have.

Does Scotchgard Paint Protection Film resist yellowing?

– Yes, it resists yellowing because the film is constructed of thermoplastic urethane, a tough, conformable material that is covered by a clear coat layer.  The film and clear coat layer contain UV protectants to counteract harmful ultraviolet rays that can cause yellowing.

Does Scotchgard Paint Protection Film come in colors?
– Scotchgard Paint Protection Film is available only as a clear film.  This feature makes the film virtually invisible while protecting the beauty of your vehicle.

What is the Scotchgard Paint Protection Film warranty?
– 3m warrants that Scotchgard Paint Protection Film will be free of defects in materials and manufacture- including yellowing, bubbling or cracking for five (5) years from the date of purchase.  If you have any of these issues within 5 years call us and we will come out and re-install.  This warranty does not apply to damage caused by accidents or dents caused by physical impact.